Get to Know Us

We created Taskworld because we needed it. Because work should be social and seamless.
But enterprise apps don’t need to be boring, right? So we made an app that you would enjoy using.

Words from our CEO & Founder

We’re on a mission to improve how the world collaborates by offering solutions that maximize the performance of teams.”

– Fred Mouawad

Our core values

User Centric
Users know when a product has been made with them in mind and respond positively to this.
Data Driven
When changes are based on findings made from solid facts, they are more likely to give desired results.
Giving frequent and constructive feedback across all levels is a vital part of our culture.
Offering novel solutions to problems is a core value. Users must get the most innovative product we can offer.
We believe in nipping potential problems in the bud. Every problem is an opportunity if you are proactive.
Fun is a very underrated value. We enjoy exciting projects and are always looking for ways to have fun at work.

From an Internal Solution to a Global Application

2006 :  Leading 6 companies across 16 countries required a lot of following up. To improve the execution of projects, Fred Mouawad asked his IT team to create a cloud-based system where people can record tasks and keep track of work. They called it Task Management System.
2012 :  Cloud computing and mobile technologies started booming. Following the success of his internal companies, Fred felt that rest of the world can also profit from such a system. The time was right to introduce his Task Management System to the World.
2013 :  Following the positive response to the prototype from his fellow Stanford classmates, Taskworld opened up to the world. In just over a year, Taskworld started impacting thousands of teams across 50 countries.
2016 :  As one team within a company started performing better, and the requests for the ability to use Taskworld throughout a company started coming in. Based on user feedback, Taskworld Enterprise was launched in January 2016

Discover the joy of teamwork

Experience 9 years of fine tuning in 15 days. Organize all your projects, share ideas and accomplish great results.

Taskworld has helped us by keeping us all aware of who is doing what and their progress on tasks or projects.

Bill Brantley (Program Analyst, United States Office For Personnel Management)