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The Top 20 Blog Posts & Free Resources for Working From Home

by: John Coburn
The Top 20 Blog Posts & Free Resources for Working From Home

With the COVID-19 outbreak, companies around the world have begun to scramble to establish thoughtful remote work policies. Teams have had to undergo massive upheaval in order to adapt, and it’s still proving to be an extremely difficult task to accomplish. 

Remote work and work-from-home policies can massively boost team productivity, but only when they are implemented properly. 

To help you and your teams successfully get on top of an unstoppably growing trend, we’ve compiled a list of great remote work resources, tips, and applications to explore and use in your own company. 

At Home


Getting Set up

A good work-from-home experience starts with an environment that makes it easy to get down to business.

  1. Tips for Setting up Your Home Office – Shannon Belew, the balance small business 
  2. 8 Tips To Set Up Your Home Office For Serious Productivity – Marilyn Rogers, Lifehack.org 
  3. Ergonomic Essentials for Remote Working – Brenda Barron, ClickTime 

Best practices

Here are some of our favourite tips, tricks, tools and tech from around the web. When working from home, it can be difficult to separate work and life, leading to distraction. It’s all about focus, connection, and balance. 

  1. Get Organized: 20 Tips for Working from Home – Jill Duffy, PCMag 
  2. Coronavirus: Best Practices for Working From Home, According to a 6-figure Social Media Entrepreneur – Natalie Zfat, Entrepreneur 
  3. Remote Work and Best Practices: The Coronavirus Series – Michale Bernick, Forbes  
  4. How to Work From Home: 20 Tips From People That Do it Successfully -Erik Devaney, Hubspot 
  5. 32 Working from Home Tips That Actually Work (Updated) – Gaetano Denardi, Nextiva 
  6. 40 Remote Work Stats to Know in 2020 -Pamela Bump, Hubspot  
  7. 15 Questions about remote work, answered.Tsedal Neeley, Harvard Business Review

Bonus: Work Life Podcast Episode 150 – A really good overview discussion of new teams getting into remote work, the challenges that teams can face, and how to tackle them.

Managing remote teams


Training resources for managers

  1. Free 16 lesson course on remote work and managing remote teams – LinkedIn 
  2. A Crash Course in Remote Management – Cate Hutson, WordPress.com
  3. A guide to managing your (newly) remote workers – From HBR

Boosting team morale 

  1. 8 Ways to Keep Morale High Among Team Members – Shiv Sharma, Taskworld  
  2. 14 Ways our Remote Team Stays Sane Working from Home – Alex Turnbull, Groovehq 
  3. Panicked About Working From Home? Here’s How to do it Right – Elizabath Grace Saunders, Fast Company  

Processes & Procedures

Having proper processes and procedures in place is a necessity for ensuring the flow of work continues without serious interruptions. We’ve compiled a list of great resources for managers and companies to find the remote work models that work best for any team.

  1. Preparing for Emergency Remote Work – Workplaceless
  2. The top 9 ways Microsoft IT is enabling remote work for its employees – Jared Spataro, Microsoft IT
  3. Understanding the challenges of a fully remote workforceLindsay Craffor, GoToConnect 
  4. Top 15 Tips to Effectively Manage Remote Employees – Forbes 

Free software, trials & resources for Teams:

Companies around the world are stepping up to provide the resources needed by newly remote, and understandable anxious teams. Our bonus list consists of tools, and educational resources being offered for free to help you and your team transition as smoothly as possible to working remotely.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are doubling our normal trial by offering a 30 day free trial (for people that sign up Tuesday, the 24th onward) to all teams transitioning during this difficult time. Taskworld is a turn-key, all in one remote collaboration package, allowing you to quickly and easily manage your remote teams’ tasks, files, remote accountability, chat with your team, and more. 

Video Conferencing 


Setting up video conferences, and sharing links through Taskworld’s in-app chat can make it even easier for remote teams to collaborate across multiple projects. Here are some free resources we’ve found.

Zoom – Free Signup

GoToMeeting – 3 Months Free for Governments, Educational Institutions, Healthcare providers, and non-profit organizations

** Calendly is now offering it’s Zoom and GoToMeeting extension for free 

Krisp.ai (cleaning up embarrassing background noise during calls) – New free plan and reduced pricing

Cisco – Offering a Free Plan

Document Collaboration

Box – 90 day free trial 

Dropbox – 30 day free trial

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