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7 Best Work Management Software + 2 Bonuses [2020]

by: John Coburn
7 Best Work Management Software + 2 Bonuses [2020]

Organization and connectivity are two of the keys to performance at the modern workplace. So it makes sense why successful companies rely on project management software to stay on track.

Creating a business based with work management principles in mind can streamline work and tremendously boost team productivity; choosing the best software for your team, is thus crucial. 

To help you examine all the best online work manager software platforms, we have spent months researching, testing different programs, and putting together this list to help you find an answer to the question: “What is the best 2020 work management software?”

What is “Work Management Software”?

To understand what work management software is, we have to understand what work management is.

Work management, project management, and program management are all in the same family.


Program management is the practice of managing company-wide strategy.

Project management is more so the management of company-wide or department-wide tacting and execution of strategy.

Work management, as an extension of the previous two, is the management of individuals or teams within the organization or department.

work management software” is really project management software that you use to manage work on the individual or smaller team level. 

Getting a reliable task system where you are taking advantage of task management resources and task monitoring apps makes your everyday workflow much more comfortable. Notably, individual employees and contractors benefit from a helpful visualization of what they need to do to prepare each moment of their busy workday in the best possible way.

Digital todo lists are not just for work managers and their teams, however. Everyone has a routine for each day and a list of things to do. And we could all use some job organizers to help us get by.

This article will help you quickly compare and analyze the program for the best task management and other related project management applications.

2020’s 9 Best work Management Software 

1. Taskworld

Taskworld has a 4.5/5 rating on Capterra, and the 3 most common words people use to describe the software? 




Sure, Taskworld is technically classified as project management software, but it enables much more than company-wide tactics.

Where most project management software is process-focused, Taskworld is People focused. 

What does that mean? It means that we realize people don’t fit into cookie-cutter solutions; peoples’ ideal workflows are like their fingerprints, unique to each person. 

I’m not saying we should forego set processes & methodologies – they are definitely useful.

What I am saying is that it’s essential to consider the human component. 

Taskworld has visual project boards that can be set up; however you like it best. 

This makes it easy to establish a kernel of similarity for reporting and collaboration, but also allows for personal customization so you can slip into a deep-work state. 

Are you concerned about C-level or managerial reporting? 

Taskworld also has real-time dashboards and customizable reports. 

That means instead of having to ask mid-level managers for updates all the time; they can just open up the Overview dashboard, take a look inside & breathe a sigh of relief – everything is on track


We’d be remiss not to mention It’s one of the most popular solutions for companies requiring applications that can be used by anyone in the company.

The app is used by organizations to “organize and do awesome stuff.” This program provides fantastic team collaboration features such as everyday tasks, @mention notes, email alerts, and unrestricted file storage.

Its software package is also used for project planning, and presents three main projects “views”: Gantt charts to plan project timelines, Kanban Boards to organize workflows and plan agile sprints, and Schedules to plan in a task list or a checklist-style. Accessing all three views of a project at the same time to get the job done is easy. For example, in the view of Gantt, a project manager can develop a project plan. Team members can then work on their assigned tasks on simple task lists or boards.

Real-time updates are at the core of the software package. Like in the overall project schedule, task lists are automatically revised when a team member completes a mission. This makes a versatile choice for organizations working together and communicating across divisions, with different teams.

If you are looking for a comprehensive project management platform for organizing teams and planning work, is an excellent choice.

3. Trello

Trello is a popular collaboration tool that a lot of teams use in any industry. Most development teams prefer to plan in an agile model, and the program from Trello enables users to do tasks on the Kanban board, delegate work to others, and organized by “state”. The default options for the state are Done, Done, and Completed.

Trello can be a powerful tool in the visual drag-and-drop view to coordinate work. The app has become widely known for providing some of the industry’s best Kanban apps.

However, if you are looking for additional features of work management such as project schedules, reports, and dashboards, then Trello may not be right for your company. Lacking the features usually found in other work management systems, Trello only hangs his hat on boards with Kanban.’

4. Filestage

Design teams use Filestage, a highly revised tool, for collaboration and creative work management. The software is built explicitly with the artistic niche in mind and is exceptional.

Filestage enables users to collaborate, share comments on digital assets, get customer approvals, attach images, videos, and more.

With Filestage, creative teams can get a good deal, as software can help reduce contact differences and wait time during internal and external approvals. Filestage will be an ideal work management tool for you, whether you are working on a design team or a marketing team.

 5. Workamajig

Workamajig is the fourth work management software company on the lis.tWorkamajig’s work management software, like Filestage, also offers internal creative teams and companies with resources to help organize and track all their work with these teams. Workamajig provides unique software features for creative teams, including client demands, control of team members, client permissions, and collaboration. Since communication is a vital part of teamwork and job management, inWorkamajig we have chosen work management software, such as Filestage, which also provides tools from internal creative teams and companies to help coordinate and monitor all their job with these teams.

Workamajig provides unique software features for creative teams, including client demands, control of team members, client permissions, and collaboration.

More than 3,000 creative teams use Workamajig ‘s tools, and it is getting consistently positive customer feedback from online review sites. Include the software on this list.

Slack has thousands of positive reviews online, making it a company that shouldn’t be ignored, even if they don’t. ‘It doesn’t fit the traditional’ project management ‘box. Slack is useful for work management. More than 3,000 creative teams use Workamajig ‘s tools, and it is getting consistently positive customer feedback from online review sites. If you need a tool to help you manage your creative agency work, then Workamajig is worth checking out. 

 6. Basecamp

Basecamp was founded in 1999 and is one of the oldest and most developed online work management software enterprises. Basecamp has gained a long list of satisfied customers after being in business for many years and is consistently receiving strong reviews for its software.

Basecamp offers a simple work management platform that relies heavily on checklists and task lists to organize work. Teams should construct lists and then delegate work to each other, thus simplifying teamwork within the organization of the company. Basecamp also provides schedules and storage of files in its plans, so that the software can be used for free project planning, but the software is not optimized for timeline-based work management.

If you are looking for a small and straightforward tool to organize your tasks in lists, then Basecamp is an excellent option for you. 

7. Mavenlink

Regarded as a “modern collaboration platform,” Mavenlink offers tools to help service companies increase performance and productivity. In this context, “service companies” include agencies working with clients, business consulting companies and professional services teams.

Mavenlink offers a wide range of work management features for its users, including resource management, project accounting, and business intelligence. The platform also helps customers communicate inside and outside the enterprise, making it a reliable resource for service teams looking to improve efficiency and minimize connectivity gaps. 



8. Slack

Although many find Slack to be a simple team chat tool and unsuitable work management software, their online reviews often show consumers talking about how Slack can be used to handle the job. 

Sure, it allows users to talk and communicate in real-time, but its real differentiator lies in its integration list. With Slack, it is simple to inject teamwork into each project because it can be combined with thousands of different resources.

Slack is an excellent tool for low-maturity teams who want to stay in touch all day to manage teamwork. However, if you’re looking for a full-featured work management software, you’ll find better options elsewhere on this list. 

9. Targetprocess

 Targetprocess is one of the most technical project management software tools on this list as it caters to large companies and business teams looking to scale agility in their organization.

This software is probably not right for you if you are not familiar with project portfolio management and application life cycle management as this is primarily what Targetprocess offers.

However, if you are part of a business organization that needs powerful dashboards and portfolio reports to get a deep insight into your business, then Targetprocess might be an excellent option for you. Targetprocess offers SaaS and local options, so companies have flexibility in deployment and installation. 

Key takeaway

Work management is a team-focused methodology that tried to enhance the satisfaction and productivity of a section of your larger organization.

There are many approaches to boosting this effort, but easy to use project management software is key.

Ultimately, you have to try and test whichever solutions best resonate with your work-style, but I hope this article has given you a good starting point! 

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