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9 Best Online Task Management Tools [Updated 2021]

by: John Coburn
9 Best Online Task Management Tools [Updated 2021]

Online task management tools are software used by businesses and teams to efficiently and effectively get things done. The key features of an excellent task management tool include having a great structure, task customization, multiple views, visual appeal and collaboration. However, the best tool still depends on what your hotel business needs.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different features of the best task management tools today.


Taskworld allows users to view tasks in a table, board, calendar or timeline. It’s incredibly easy to create tasks for each team member and set due dates. Users can also group similar asks and even have the same task in different locations. You’ll need to update just once, and it simultaneously updates in all projects.

When it comes to security, all data in Taskworld is backed up in different locations, making it more secure. Other key features include Team Messaging, Performance Reports, Project Timeline, Advanced Privacy Settings and File Management.

Taskworld offers 3 different plans: Professional, Business and Enterprise.

Get started with Taskworld today. 


Trello offers a well-organized board and card system to its users. A board is assigned for a particular project and a card for the different tasks. This feature reduces the risk of confusion as the assignments are in order.

With their Power-Up calendar, it’s straightforward to prioritize urgent tasks and assign them to your team members at the last minute.

If you’re using 3rd party app for your hotel, it’s easier to integrate them with Trello. You can access this tool either from your laptop or mobile.

Other features include file attachment, card records archive, in-line editing and drag-and-drop editing.

You can use Trello for free. The Business Class starts at $9.99.


Infinity is one of the most flexible task management tools today as it easily lets you adjust any project. You can customize it all you want — define folders, boards and items. One of its key features is its ability to display tasks from different perspectives. You can view it as a List, Table, Calendar, Form or Gantt.

You can easily attach files and share them with users on public boards. To make collaboration easier, users can assign and comment on tasks. It features Notifications, so you never miss another task.

Don’t worry about your data, as everything is automatically saved. You can also keep track of what you’re doing in the Activity Log. Infinity offers 50+ templates for your hotel or other businesses.

Infinity Plan starts at $149 for 10 collaborators and 1 workspace. This plan is also good for a lifetime.


nTask focuses strongly on task planning. Users can easily schedule tasks, share files, generate progress reports, monitor projects and create Gantt Charts.

You can integrate your Outlook and Google Calendar with nTask. Other features include Tagging, To-Do Lists, Task Export, Time Tracking and Spreadsheets.

If you collaborate with influencers for your hotels, you can easily share files with external collaborators. nTask offers a 15-day free trial for up to 5 team members.


Hotel professionals who prefer a simple task management tool can benefit from Basecamp’s dashboard. Everyone on the team can easily view and navigate different projects.

You’ll be provided with message boards, to-do lists, file storage, schedules and a group chat. It covers all the basics that you need including deadline reminders, team collaboration and task management.

You can integrate 3rd party apps with Basecamp, and you can get started with a 30-day free trial.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Project is a business task management software that helps managers assign tasks to hotel team members, measure their progress and set deadlines.

If you use other Zoho apps, you can easily integrate them to make your hotel operations more efficient. Some of its key features include a Calendar, Team Activity Feeds, Timesheets, Mobile App, Milestone Task Tracking, Analytics, Forums and API.

You can sign up for a 14-day trial period to see if Zoho Project is for you.


Do you manage a large hotel team? Then Asana might be just the right task management tool for you. It features a user-friendly interface, making it easy to update tasks. You don’t need to worry when you suddenly lose your internet connection because Asana offers an offline feature. Updates automatically sync once you’re back online.

The Asana task management software allows you to easily assign and track hotel tasks to all of your team members with its Task Tracking and Management. Other features include Private Access, Data Export, 3rd party Integrations and Task Analytics.

Asana’s basic package is free for up to 10 members but with limited features. Premium starts at $10.99


More than 20,000 companies, including hotels, use the Teamwork software. The platform is user-friendly, and yet it easily lets you manage complex hotel tasks. It boasts powerful features ideal for expanding hotels. If you have team members working remotely, you can easily track their time spent on each task.

Teamwork has several templates that you can choose from and also features 3rd party integration. Other key features include Client Permission Management, Team Collaboration and Gantt Charts.


Wrike’s easy-to-use task management platform is ideal for businesses in the hospitality industry. Like Facebook, the platform provides the users with activity feeds or tasks assigned by or created by your team members. You can remove unrelated tasks for easy navigation.

It features a time tracking tool to allow hotel managers or team leaders to determine how many hours an employee spent on a particular task. With their workload management feature, you can monitor workloads and adjust your team’s schedule.

There’s no need to email important files as you can attach them to a particular task and be edited online without downloading them.

If you’re ready to switch to using a task management tool, get in touch with us. 

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