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How Taskworld Enables Terre d'Oc to Improve Production Efficiency and Sustainability

The Client

Terre d'Oc, is a French-based company producing tea, cosmetics, and house perfumes. For more than 25 years, the company has been committed to environmental responsibility in its products, developing products that preserve natural resources and biodiversity while supporting the organic and fair-trade sectors. Terre d'Oc abandoned the traditional business style of "placing profit above all else" and instead seek the ethical sharing of wealth for all their partners.

Their Struggle

Because Terre d'Oc makes products on demand using unique materials, their production process presented a significant challenge. How to best reduce delays and assess fair deadlines?

Why Taskworld?

Noel Gorde, a packaging designer, was tasked with overseeing all projects from start to finish in 2019. "I needed software that would allow me to track progress across departments until final delivery to clients," said Noel.

"I evaluated many software options and decided on Taskworld for its user-friendly interface."

Taskworld's timeline feature provided Noel with the oversight he needed to manage and track progress, while the chat feature allowed all communication and files to be in one place, improving efficiency.

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How Taskworld Has Helped

Noel said, "Taskworld has helped Terre d'Oc maintain and reinforce its identity of using local products and being environmentally friendly, which is a significant part of the company's mission."

“After three years of using Taskworld, Terre d'Oc now has data and records inside the workspace that allow us to give accurate deadlines and delivery estimates to clients, despite each product being different," said Noel.

Cécile, in charge of quality control and food regulations, also uses Taskworld daily by leaving herself comments on assigned tasks. "The comment section serves as a reminder for future tasks and updates on the task's progress," said Cécile. "For me, Taskworld's benefits include easy access to the status of tasks, quick updates without searching through emails or files, and no more forgetting about the specifics of each product in the line."

Noel added, "Taskworld has enabled Terre d'Oc to integrate more services into project development and distribute information more efficiently. With a clear vision of all projects in development, everyone can follow the release schedule as they are assigned to tasks that have a direct impact on their activities while having an overview of the whole process. With Taskworld's dedicated messaging feature, information flows easily throughout the company, mobilizing fewer people during physical meetings."


Terre d'Oc needed a project management software solution that would enable them to manage complex and constantly changing product development timelines. They also required a solution that would enable them to limit waste and use local products. After researching many solutions, they chose Taskworld based on its user-friendly interface and powerful task management features.

Now, after three years of using Taskworld, they can’t imagine working without it. The entire Terre d'Oc team uses Taskworld, with some developing their own special ways to use the software to maximize their productivity.

"Taskworld has significantly improved the production efficiency and sustainability of Terre d'Oc, and it continues to be the key internal tool for the company," concluded Noel. “Taskworld has helped us maintain and reinforce our company identity.”

"At work, Taskworld is my best friend!" added Cécile.

How Taskworld Can Help Your Business

Taskworld has helped thousands of companies, from entrepreneur to enterprise-level. If your business needs help:

  • Maintaining a bird's-eye-view on projects
  • Bringing remote teams together
  • Keeping all project files together in one place
  • Avoiding miscommunication and misplaced messages
  • Collaborating with external vendors and freelancers

Please reach out to our sales team now. Whether you're struggling with any of the above or have your own unique problems, we're here to support your business.