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Best Program Management Tools [2021]

by: John Coburn
Best Program Management Tools [2021]

Program management is, hand-down, critical for scaling your organization. 

Now with the ease of technology, large scale projects can be successfully and efficiently managed without the hassle of manual entry work. 

The best tools for program management cover a wide range of important aspects that are vital for smooth operation and execution of tasks, data collection, and even human resource management.

What is program management? 

Program management is essentially project management but on a larger scale. Where project management aims to coordinate teams efficiently to avoid bottlenecks, mitigate risks, and accelerate timelines of projects, program management coordinates departments or the whole organization. 

What tools do you program managers need?

Program managers oversee multiple projects, keeping track of projects can be hard to manage and keep up with if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. So, what type of tools does a program manager require to stay on top of their game?

Project organization

Keeping track of various projects becomes easier using program management tools that allow you to view progress and other data on a project in real-time. This provides you with total control and awareness of all the factors associated with the implementation of tasks, detection of problems, and fast resolution as well as keeping track of clients.


Program managers benefit from having a roadmap of their projects to ensure that projects are aligned with the company’s protocols and strategies and how each one fits into the overall timeline for all project completion date deadlines or launches.


A calendar tool keeps track of tasks, important meetings, deadlines, and other milestones related to the project or projects at hand.

Resource management

These types of tools track and organize your resources from funding to material sourcing as well as employee or contractor billing hours. They help you to ensure everything is accounted for and contributes to transparency.  

Timesheet tracking

Timesheet tracking basically monitors the progress of the team, the tasks completed, and provides status updates on various sections or components of projects and how resources are used. It also keeps track of project timelines and deadlines.

Team tracking and collaboration

This is a major function of running a successful program. Tracking team performance, assigning roles and tasks as well as setting up a platform for data sharing and communication on all levels is a top priority to keep your projects running smoothly. Collaboration tools also help team members to communicate with each other and be in sync with all tasks and goals they may contribute to.

Metrics and program analysis

Data-driven decisions make for fewer instances of confusion or ‘bad calls. Continuous data management and records enable a program manager to analyze costs, sources of resources and get sufficient data to design stages and tasks to get jobs done. This can be a lot of information to sift through so having software to automatically calculate and generate graphs and other statistics is a great asset.

Generation of reports

Once again, transparency is a pillar of successful project completion. Reports can work in tandem with metrics and data analysis to provide a detailed overview of projects and all the components involved. Financiers and clients can also make use of reports to see their investments in action and company records can be easily maintained and up to date.

How can program management tools benefit your company?


Program management tools can take a lot of guesswork out of project planning, execution and launch. It allows a program manager to work smarter. Some of the top benefits of using such tools include:

  •         It makes team and management collaboration and communication easier, more accessible, and convenient
  •         It’s easier to delegate tasks and assign roles that can be easily managed and tracked for progress
  •         Helps to create and manage timelines, schedules, keep track of deadlines and other important dates
  •         Track projects, tasks, and progress of different stages or phases of the project.

Where to source the best tools for program management?

Now that you know what program managers need, the next step is to look at what’s available to provide the required functions. There are a number of program management software but here are a few of the top options that are tried, tested, and approved by hundreds of companies.


Basecamp provides a very intensive and integrated collaborative tool for project management.  It focuses on features such as file sharing, chat, and message boards which allow team members, managers, and even clients to maintain contact and updates on every task.


Paymo makes working with clients easier and you can manage several projects at a time, Request for changes and revisions can be done in a straightforward and timely manner and cut back on delays. It also helps to edit invoices as changes are made to the client order.


Trello offers a simple but effective method to create order to the madness. You can customize boards, share tasks and share files and other attachments with its user-friendly interface. It’s also easy to delegate roles and tasks to collaborators, manage teams within teams and provide feedback via comments, and visual formats which can ease up poring through numerous excel sheets and emails.


Asana is a must-have tool for ‘to-do’ lists, assignment of tasks and file sharing. It makes it much easier for users to keep track of their duties, deadlines and other assignments which is time-saving and very organized in nature.



Taskworld is an all-in-one software solution for program management. 

It has a very comprehensive build and integrates the major aspects of project management into one source. 

You can track and view deadlines, access real-time monitoring of all tasks as well the team calendar and schedules, time management, and report generation. 

A big help is being able to add tasks in multiple project locations.

This allows a given task to be added to program, project, and individual workflows.

In short, it makes for a very streamlined and one-stop-shop approach to managing programs.


ProofHub is another all-in-one tool which can help you communicate effectively with team members, assign roles, collaborate and track project history and reports. It also has secure file storage for easy access and back up.

Final Verdict

Program management tools can be especially effective during the current global pandemic. It eliminates the need for some face-to-face interaction, allows teams to work remotely as needed and still meet deadlines and stick to schedules. It also makes it easier to stay organized having all major functions of projects accessible in one platform. These tools allow managers to work smarter, not harder, and achieve goals in a more seamless and professional manner. 

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