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How Different Teams Can Use Project Management

by: John Coburn
How Different Teams Can Use Project Management

When you run a large business, delegating work can be a struggle. You need to be sure that everything is getting done by the deadlines. Your teams need to be sure they know what work they still haven’t finished on the project.

Having strong project management is the key to ensuring your company handles every project it gets smoothly.

But what is project management? How do you know that it’s working well?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about project management and why you should trust Taskworld to help you with it.

General Benefits of Project Management

In general, the most important thing good project management tools can do is improve workflow. It can prevent confusion about who’s supposed to work on what and how soon things need finishing.

Project management software can give you the power to assign people to a team. You can then use the software to divide tasks between team members. This allows each team member to easily see what they’re supposed to do and what their deadlines are.

No matter what the team is working on, you need to give yourself the ability to keep track of progress. This means seeing how long each person has been working on an assignment and close they are to the end. This can show you which employees are being the most productive and which ones need some help.

You also need the ability to plan and share the goals of the project with each team member. Otherwise, they won’t understand the tasks given to them in the first place. Communication guarantees that you will get the results you want from the project.

The team should also be able to communicate with each other. This will ensure that one team member doesn’t interfere with the work of another. That makes the entire project go much smoother for your team.

All of this gives you the power to prevent delays or overspending on any given project. That means you can save time and money no matter what projects your employees are currently working on.

And Taskworld’s project management tools are going to help you do this every time. This software provides total control and access to your business’s projects. This way you can see how everything is running all in one place.

Software Teams

Software development teams need to work together to create programs specific to their client’s needs. This means that team members need the ability to collaborate on the same files for the program to work.

They need to know which team members are handling which parts of the project. And they should be sure that they’re delivering what their client has asked for.

They should be aware of any deadlines they’re facing so they can collaborate easier to get the job done on time. Otherwise, they might miss their deadline and end up with unhappy customers.

To accomplish this, you need strong project management for software teams in your company. Organization and communication are vital to making this work.

Without it, your development team might not create the product the client asked for. They could get confused as to which team members should be doing what. They might end up with unnecessary delays the keep them from meeting their deadlines.

A strong project management plan keeps this from happening. It ensures that everyone is working on schedule as they should be. It eliminates delays so that the team can move on to the next project quickly.

What Does Taskworld Do to Help?

Taskworld allows you to create project management steps for your software developers. This allows your team to stay organized and ensures that they’re making good time.

This means that your project management for design teams is going to carry your team through the initial designs of the software. It’s going to help your team create the new software by allowing them to clearly see what still needs completing in order. Taskworld also allows them to see all of the changes made in the past in chronological order.

Marketing Teams

A marketing team is going to focus on how to sell a new product. This means that project management for marketing teams is going to need to adapt to this purpose.

As with most projects, a marketing project should be divided up into phases with each task assigned to a specific team member. This way you avoid the team all working on top of each other or creating delays due to confusion.

The biggest thing you’re going to want to focus on for marketing project management is deliverables. These are physical products that a marketing team produces to advertise your product. This can range from one piece of media to an entire marketing strategy proposal.

Your team should be asking themselves what it is you’re selling. Who are you trying to sell it to? Why do these people want or need it?

Are they trying to sell a new product? Are you preparing for some kind of sale? What media is going to be needed?

A good example of this is the new trend of corporate social media accounts posting memes to advertise their products. This aims to sell products to the younger generations who may not respond as well to the old methods of advertising.

Things change rapidly in marketing; that’s why it’s crucial to be aware of and on top of trends to future proof your strategy. Using sound principles and keeping your team agile is a sure-fire way to “in the know.”

What Does Taskworld Do to Help?

Taskworld project management for marketing keeps track of all the deliverables you need for your project. This could be a blog post or a meme to post on your company’s social media. If you’re working on a team, then chances are you’re working on multiple deliverables at once.

This gives you the chance to divide up the work. One person can work on the writing for the blog post while another creates a meme or funny photo to post with it. Or the entire team might be working together to create a commercial.

Either way, you can clearly see what assignments have already been done using Taskworld.

Sales Teams

Sales teams are going to function as the circulatory system of your company. These teams are the face of your company for your clients. They are the people they meet with and make original agreements with.

So it goes without saying that project management for sales is going to be very important. Your team will need easy communication with your client and development teams. They will need to know what a project is worth and how long it will take to create.

They also need to be good at negotiation. Your clients should have reasonable expectations for the price and timeline of what they’re buying will be by the time numbers are even mentioned. Otherwise, your sales team could be setting up your developers for failure from day one.

This allows your development and design teams a reasonable amount of time to fill a client’s order. It also means that they can expect reasonable pay for their efforts. That keeps both employees and clients happy throughout the entire process.

Good project management tools are going to be essential to make this happen.

What Does Taskworld Do to Help?

To start with, Taskworld allows people to “follow” a project. This means that they can receive real-time updates on a project without being expected to work on it.

There’s also a task difficulty scale available. This allows anyone following the project to understand how hard each task is and how long it might take to complete. This helps create a realistic expectation of your development teams for your clients.

It also allows your sales team to see how the projects are made. This means that they can more accurately provide information to your clients when they go to make their next sale.

Human Resources

There is a lot that goes into running a human resources department. These are the recruiters for the company and the people that you go to when you have a problem. But in a large company, this can start to feel like herding cats.

A human resources department works best when they’re organized. When you’re trying to hire more people, you want to make sure that everyone is on the same page about what your company needs. Having a centralized place for your hiring teams to compare notes is a good way to make sure you get the right person for the job every time.

They’re also in charge of creating any benefits programs your company offers. And the truth is that these benefits may have to change or be expanded as your company grows. But there are a lot of options out there for company benefits and it can take a lot of paperwork to make sure that all of your employees are getting the benefits that they need.

And this department is also charged with being aware of any personal or work issues an employee might have. For employees, this is a good thing because it means they have somewhere to turn to for help. For human resources, it often means trying to catch potential problems before they become an issue.

What Does Taskworld Do to Help?

Taskworld project management makes recruitment easier for HR teams.
Managing the recruitment process on Kanban

Taskworld’s project management for human resources helps by keeping everything organized for employees within the department.

If your company needs to hire new people, you can easily set up a team to manage this now. They can compare notes in one place easily and keep track of where any potential new hires are in the interview process.

This also applies to teams working on coordinating benefits for your employees. They can now see everything they’ve done to create these benefits all in one place and make suggestions to improve them.

Finally, it promotes transparency within the company. This kind of transparency often encourages employees to be more honest and have good conduct while at work.

Executives and C-Suite Personnel

The role of executives and C-Suite personnel is leadership. These people need to decide which employees are doing what and when.

What project is a team going to work on? How will the work be divided amongst the team members? Do they need more people to get the project done on time?

These are the big decisions that executives need to make. And if they’re facing a tight deadline, it can be hard for them to really see the big picture when it comes to project management. Project management software can help keep them on track so that they don’t need to worry about the hard parts.

Their jobs aren’t done once these decisions have been made though. They still need to keep an eye on the team to make sure that things are processing the way that they should. This can be difficult when they have to manage multiple teams at one time.

The solution of course is to keep everything in one place. This gives them easy access to what work still needs to be done before the deadline. They can know with just the click of a few buttons if something is wrong with the project.

What Does Taskworld Do to Help?

Taskworld makes this easier by giving executives the ability to see all of the projects they’re in charge of at the same time. They can create checklists for their team members and assign tasks from that list individually if they want to.

Then, they can go back and see how far their team has gotten. This gives them an idea of if they’ll be finished by the deadline, running ahead of schedule, or even if they need a little more time to finish. But best of all it means executives don’t have to stress about making sure everything gets done because they can see that it will.

Get Project Management for Your Business Today

If you want your business’s projects to run more smoothly, then you need to get good project management. Taskworld’s software gives you the tools you need to make this happen. You can delegate tasks and see how the project is coming along all in one place.

We offer a free trial period so that we can guarantee you won’t want your company to do projects without it. Start your free trial today and see how we can help your business.

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