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Success stories

It’s been around 6 months since we’ve introduced Taskworld’s On-premise, and work convenience has increased without any security concerns.

by: John Coburn
It’s been around 6 months since we’ve introduced Taskworld’s On-premise, and work convenience has increased without any security concerns.

SK telecom, Korea’s no.1 telecommunication corporation, started the world’s first CDMA commercialization in 1996, followed by the world’s first LTE-A commercialization in 2013 and the world’s first 5G commercialization in 2019. It now stands at the center of the development of Korean mobile telecommunication industry. SK Telecom not only leads the 5G era with its wide coverage, high speed, and ironclad security, but also leads the establishment of a global 5G ecosystem. Now that it has been approximately 6 months since SK Telecom introduced Taskworld’s On-premise, we had a discussion with the person-in-charge at SK Telecom about how Taskworld is being used in everyday tasks.


Before using Taskworld, what tools did you use mainly and how did you manage your tasks?

I’ve only been here for 3 years, so I don’t have much information. We managed performance through an internal performance management tool. However, when we carried out performance management once a year, many people would find it difficult to remember the projects from last year and although employees tried to manage better by using their own memo etc., this was also seen as not very efficient. So, we introduced the first Trello, in the form of Kanban board. Trello’s Kanban board made the management easier than it used to be. However, as Trello was an online-based solution, there were security concerns on all projects and tasks, so we decided to opt for a solution that we could install and manage internally.

Please tell us the reason for introducing Taskworld.

Due to security concerns around Trello, we decided to introduce an On-premise service that could be installed internally and also open-source software that we can manage for free and opted for WeKan, an open-source Kanban board. However, as WeKan was a free service, we experienced management issues as well as additional performance issues, which made us consider a change. As Taskworld is a Kanban board form solution, provided as an On-premise service along with a dedicated Korean manager who could provide direct support, we felt that this would aid us in the ongoing management and decided to introduce Taskworld.

How do you use Taskworld, and which Taskworld function do you think is the most useful one?

I thought that the overview function was very convenient. From the perspective of a person who handles the work firsthand, I want to be able to see the tasks and projects that I’m responsible for as a priority and through the overview function I am able to filter tasks in which I’m involved in. When I need to check other team members’ tasks, I can also filter by the person-in-charge, so I think this is very convenient. In addition, this may be the most basic, but Kanban board view improves work visibility and I also use the timeline view frequently to keep an eye on the progress and deadlines.

How did the introduction of Taskworld help and what did it improve?

We had used Kanban previously, so rather than a specific improvement, I think that convenience has improved significantly.

In Trello and other collaboration tools, when you click on a task, the task properties window is displayed in the center of the screen which meant that you could not see the Kanban board view whilst having clicked on each task. However, if you choose the task on Taskworld Kanban board page, the task properties window pops up on the right side rather than in the center, so you can check the details, exchange comments, and check all the tasks on the Kanban board at the same time, which improves the convenience overall.


I would like the workspace administrator to be given more specialized privileges. For example, when there is a request to change a profile picture or the department name, the employees are unable to process this right away, so it would be good if an administrator was able to make such changes. Additionally, out of the topics discussed with our Customer Success Manager, we are looking forward to having integrations with Slack & MS teams, which Taskworld has planned to release in 2021. We are very much looking forward to this being made available as soon as possible.


We’ve covered the introduction story of Taskworld On-premise for SK Telecom, the no.1 Korean telecommunication corporation.

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