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The 5 Best Online To Do Lists

by: John Coburn
The 5 Best Online To Do Lists

Some people thrive on making lists and getting things done.

Whether its an old school pen and paper or a modern-day app, they have a natural knack for staying on top of their game.

Online to-do lists consist of more than remembering to pick up milk from the store on your way home. They are simple yet sophisticated.

For people who have trouble staying organized, they are a lifesaver. 

There are dozens of to-do lists and organizational tools available at your fingertips, with many specialized or niche driven features.

You can plan your day, shopping list, and keep track of deadlines, projects, and appointments.

Here is a list of the 5 best online to-do lists that just about anyone can benefit from. 

The Top 5 Online To Do Lists

Microsoft To-Do

Of course, tech giant Microsoft would have an online to-do list. They are one of the leading names in software development and constantly seek out ways that can make life easier using technology. Microsoft To-Do is fairly simple to use. 

It was developed by the same team behind the defunct Wunderlist and incorporate many similar features. So, what’s in Microsoft To-do?

It’s available on Android, Windows 10 devices, Web, iOS, and macOS. It’s a task management app that also syncs with your Microsoft account, Outlook email, Skype, and Microsoft Office. It can sync with your calendar to plan your daily activities, send reminders, make lists, and allows some minor collaboration to share your list with another user.

 It’s tagged as a very basic app but because it’s free and continues to develop and integrate more features into its platform, it’s a great user-friendly option to get started. 

Google Tasks

Similar to Microsoft To-Do, Google Tasks is also a great basic task manager. It is also being developed as it goes along and has the potential to be a much bigger deal. It allows you to create major tasks with subtasks to check off. 

You can sync with your other Google apps such as Gmail and even use it from within your mailbox. You can create reminders and alerts using your Google calendar. You can also organize lists and tasks by date and time and move items from one list to another. 

It’s a user-friendly interface much like all Google apps and carries the same features as To-Do more or less. Google Tasks is free to use so it’s definitely worth checking out if you need a planner on the go or to help you manage your day at work or home. 


While Taskworld has checklist and to-do list features, it’s a lot more.

If you’re looking to not only complete core, basic tasks, but also those tasks for different projects, you should consider using Taskworld.

For example, you could split up the checklist based on what your team needs to get done.

taskworld has a great project-based to-do list

Taskworld has a 14-day free trial (without credit card info), so you can always easily try it out without any risk.


Todoist is another great productivity app that has actually been around since around 2007. It’s not completely free and has a premium paid plan and business plan for access to more features. It’s not too costly with premium rates starting at $3.00 a month. Todoist is also a popular organizational tool that boasts over 10 million users worldwide. 

What makes Todoist special? It is certainly more feature-packed than the free options available from Microsoft and Google. In addition to organizing tasks, reminders, and lists, you can actually manage teams and projects using their platform. 

You can share files; view tasks and progress related to your projects and use it in conjunction with your workflow management. It can sync to Google and Dropbox and you can even access these features in the free version, though limited. You can also set goals, recurring tasks, and much more. 


If you are someone who struggles to be motivated to even get through your daily tasks, Habitica might just be the platform for you. It’s quirky, fun and it’s actually a ‘gamified’ approach to help you be more productive. Your real-life tasks, reminders, and lists are treated as a role-playing game, as missions or quests. 

You can design an avatar and you earn gold and experience points every time you successfully complete your tasks and to-do lists. If you fail to complete something, you lose health. Users can level up, or lose health and get demoted back to start. The higher you level up, the more features you can unlock. 

You can even team up with other users and share quests. There are collectible items, such as mounts and pets as well as seasonal events. It’s not your typical to-do app but it does achieve a lot in building good habits and accountability in day to day activities and tasks while making it fun. 

It runs on Android and iOS but you can do much more on the web-based version. Habitica is free to use but also offers a paid option for users looking to access premium items and pets. 

Key Takeaways

Getting into the habit of productivity can be a challenge since most of our time is spent online or on devices what better way to start than to use a web-based or mobile app tool. What are some other benefits of using an online to-do list?

  • Most allow you to sync between every platform you use
  • They offer clean user interfaces that are simple and easy to use for everyone including non-tech-savvy people with drag and drop features
  • You can set your own reminders and get notifications and alerts 
  • There are several ways to organize your tasks in different categories, tags, projects, and lists. 
  • It’s fast and you can assign a new task in just a few seconds 

This list is a great guide for beginners and people who have a hard time staying on top of their daily tasks. It’s also great for those who have no idea how to plan their day in a way that makes them more productive and efficient. 

There is something for everyone from basic web tools like Microsoft ToDo and Google Tasks, team collaboration friendly Todoist, and the unique RPG approach from Habitica. If you think it’s time to give an online to do list a gander and see how it can help you improve your daily life then dive in and try out one or two of these reliable sources.

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