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The Best Digital Kanban Board For Teams of All Sizes

by: Shiv Sharma
The Best Digital Kanban Board For Teams of All Sizes

It’s unsurprising that Kanban has become the world’s favorite way to run projects. 

What started out in the Japanese automobile industry in the 50s, later became the adopted child of IT. It’s now used by teams of all sizes to organize their work, 

While it’s fun to post sticky notes on the wall, nothing beats the sheer simplicity and effectiveness of digital Kanban boards. That’s why most task/project management tools have started to offer them. This begs the question… 

What is the best digital Kanban board for teams of any size?

In this post, we’ll tell you why Taskworld is the best digital Kanban board for your team

Taskworld Kanban
1. Kanban is at the core of Taskworld experience

Unlike most collaboration/project management tools like Asana, Monday, and Wrike, Taskworld didn’t add Kanban to it later. The entire application is built around a solid Kanban experience. You’ll find dozens of thoughtful touches that most Kanban tools lack. 

For example, you can attach any file to your boards by simply dragging and dropping it. Neither Wrike nor Asana let you do it. If you attach an image, your board automatically shows its preview. You don’t have to click on it to see what it is. 

Image preview in Taskworld

Each Kanban board is a powerhouse of information. You can create a task with one click and assign it to one or more people in your team. Each board offers – 

  • Due dates and reminders that can be customized
  • Time tracking to record time spent on each task
  • Tags and labels to help you sort the boards
  • Task points to help you organize boards on a scale of 0 – 5 of task complexity
  • Activity log to keep track of all the changes made to your board
  • Task comments
  • Advanced privacy settings to control who can access your team’s Kanban
  • Recurring option for repetitive tasks

Each board can also be broken down into checklist items. And yes, each checklist item can be assigned to separate members of your team. Each checklist item is visible from your project and you don’t need to click on your board to access it. 

You can split your Kanban into checklist items and assign them separately.

You can add your board to multiple projects at the same time. Updating its status reflects changes in all locations. 

Taskworld’s Kanban is designed to give you powerful features with minimal UI. That’s why you can do most interactions in less than 3 clicks. For example, you can complete a task board or retrieve it from the archive with just one click. 

Compete and retrieve boards with one click

2. Taskworld’s Kanban is scalable

Many Kanban tools start on the right note but falter after you use them for a while. This is because as you add more data, the interface gets clunky which affects the tool’s performance.

Taskworld has perfected smart loading. This means even with hundreds of tasks (boards) in your Kanban, the application will load in a split second. 

This is due to smart loading. The most important parts of your Kanban boards are loaded first so you don’t have to deal with annoying load times. This makes Taskworld a good option for big teams that attach a lot of files to their Kanban boards. 

You can also search for specific tasks in your Kanban using the Search Tasks field. Use task/assignee names or tags to instantly retrieve any task.

You can search for tasks using task name, assignee, tags, etc.

3. Taskworld offers Kanban with collaboration features

An essential ingredient for Kanban boards is collaboration. You can have the most beautiful Kanban boards but if your team members are isolated, the whole system falls apart. 

There are several ways in which Taskworld ensures that the updates from the Kanban reach the team:

  • Comments – Each task board has its own comment stream where you can communicate about its progress. The updates are sent to all the members involved in the task. (The notification settings can be modified). 
  • Email notifications – Team members can receive notifications from Taskword on their email so they don’t have to be logged into the application at all times. They can also reply via email. 
  • Seen by – Taskworld lets you know who has seen your message/tasks. This reduces the need for follow-up messages. 

But the most important aspect, something that almost all Kanban tools lack is – Built-in team messaging.

Taskworld doesn’t rely on half baked integrations with third-party chat tools. It offers a complete team messaging solution that lets you chat with your team in real-time from anywhere in the app. 

Taskworld also integrates directly with Google Meet. This allows you to jump on a quick call with your colleagues if messaging isn’t enough. 

4. Taskworld’s Kanban is highly flexible 

To do, Doing and Done. This is the simplest and perhaps the most common Kanban template used by teams. However, teams need the flexibility to adapt Kanban to their workflow. A three-stage simple Kanban will not work for everyone, especially larger teams. 

Taskworld lets you easily customize your Kanban to fir your team’s requirements. In many team collaboration tools whose focus isn’t on Kanban (Monday, Wrike), you can’t do that from Kanban view. Taskworld lets you add/remove tasklists with a single click. 

For example, if you are managing your organization’s recruitment process on Taskworld, you can create a specific Kanban flow to manage it.

Managing the recruitment process on Kanban

Check out these templates to learn more about how organizations use Taskworld’s Kanban to create their own workflows. 

4. Taskworld is safe as houses

Your team will manage your work on digital Kanban boards. This might include files and other important attachments. It’s critical that the tool you use offers state of the art security and data privacy.

Taskworld is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), the world’s most trusted cloud provider. Your information is backed up frequently in multiple locations so that even in case of a natural disaster, it can be fully recovered. Taskworld is also GDPR compliant and Privacy Shield certified, ensuring the highest level of data privacy.

Taskworld is also available on VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). This is especially useful for enterprises in highly regulated environments that are unable to use the public cloud. 

If you’re interested to try out Taskworld’s Kanban, sign up for free today. 

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