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The Top 5 Communication Apps in 2021

by: John Coburn
The Top 5 Communication Apps in 2021

The world is more connected than it ever has been and communicating with someone across the globe can be done with ease. Technology has made great strides in the past decade, allowing us to speak to, text, and even see other people, no matter where they are or what time it is.

This has been a major boon for business, both locally and internationally. Firms can arrange meetings, calls, presentations, and more with their clients and vendors with a simple click of a button. Technology has truly changed the way that we all do business, and much of that can be attributed to the ease of communication.

These days, there are many communications apps that can help improve productivity, increase efficiency, and just make it easier to get your job done. To see how these apps can help your organization and which ones will provide the most benefits heading into 2021, read on below.

How Communications Apps Can Increase Productivity


In the old days of office life, you could really only get messages across in person, on the phone, or with a printed-out memo. Eventually, email and instant messaging came along, taking the business world by storm as companies everywhere rushed to gain access to the internet. In just a few decades since the advent of email, technological advances in communication have increased exponentially, and now even an email is seen as an “old-school” way to connect.

Communication apps have taken over much of the inter-office conversation that used to be dominated by email. Many of these apps have email features – so you don’t have to switch to another program to send one out – but they also have more advanced features for instant communication.

Instead of waiting for an email to come through with an attachment, you can often simply drag and drop a file in the chatbox. In addition to this, the best communication apps have mobile versions, so you can stay in contact with team members even when out to lunch, working from home, or on vacation.

The Top 5 Communications Apps

While there are hundreds of apps available to improve communications, we have decided to narrow it down to the 5 best apps for general purposes. Some apps might work better than others within specific industries, but these 5 apps are sure to provide you with plenty of value, no matter what sort of work you are doing.


Slack has been one of the top communication apps for several years now, and it’s easy to see why so many organizations are using it. It has an attractive interface that is very easy to use and it comes loaded with features. With three different pricing levels – free, $6.50 per month, and $12.50 per month – it is one of the most affordable programs out there as well.

One of the key features of Slack’s sleek design is the ability to organize your conversations into different channels based on categories. You can create as many channels as you want, and you can name them as you please. For example, you could have one for the sales team, one for marketing, and another for external team members such as customers or vendors. You can also create a company-wide channel for announcements and collaboration between departments.

Slack also allows you to send direct messages to any team members, so there are plenty of options for private conversations. You can also start threads that act more like message board conversations for topics that don’t need immediate responses. These threads are great for collaboration on non-urgent projects, even if just to get the conversation started with some ideas.

Slack includes audio and video conferencing, eliminating the need for other video meeting software. These features are easy to use and will run on any up-to-date computer or mobile device.

Slack can integrate with all of the popular business collaboration programs, including Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, and OneDrive, making it an excellent choice for those who use multiple platforms.


Chanty is another simple team that offers a surprising number of features. You may not think it looks like much at first glance, but once you start using it, you’ll see why it has become such a highly regarded app in such a short amount of time.

Like Slack, Chanty provides options for instant messaging, audio calls, and video chats. It also lets users create threads for more permanent collaboration that can’t quite be done in a chat group. Users can create groups for different departments, and they can organize their messages in order of importance. 

One unique feature is called Teambook – a tool that allows you to access anything quickly by putting all of your content in one place. Simply open your Teambook and you’ll be able to select from private conversations, group chats, shared documents, tasks, and more.

The task manager is a breeze to use and lets you manage your workflow with ease and efficiency. You can assign tasks to other team members and request updates to stay on top of any progress that is being made.


Ryver is a communication app with many impressive features that are sure to increase productivity at any company. That is because it focuses on project management in addition to communication, making it a great app for collaboration among individuals, teams, and entire departments.

Ryver has a nice minimalist look – similar to Slack – but the tools are far from minimal. With Ryver, you can create tasks for different teams and assign them to individuals within the team. You can add these tasks to a project management board that has checklists, tags, and comments. This lets you monitor the progress of any specific project, and thanks to the easy-to-tabs, you can click through different projects in seconds.

Ryver might be the more economical option for smaller teams, as it starts at $49 per month for up to 12 users rather than pricing on a per user basis.

Google Chat

No, this isn’t just the chat screen you see on the side of your Gmail account. Google Chat is an upgraded version of the recently discontinued Google Hangouts app, with a heavy focus on business collaboration. Like many other Google products, it has a sleek design and a user-friendly interface that won’t require much practice to get to know.

Like other communication apps, you can create different rooms or channels based on categories or departments. The app also allows for stickied threads and personal messages, so you can have as much privacy as you’d like.

The selling point for many companies is the fact that Google Chat integrates seamlessly with all other Google products, making it a great option for those who are already using Google Workspace (which is only $6 per month per user).

Google chat also offers integration for a variety of powerful third-party programs such as Salesforce or HubSpot, so it isn’t limiting you to just Google products.



Taskworld may not have the name recognition of Google yet, but it is one of the most comprehensive communication platforms available – and that’s just part of what this amazing program has to offer.

Taskworld, like Ryver, isn’t just a communication app.

It is instead an entire suite of project management software that also offers workflow features as well as analytics. You can run any of the features at any time and share the results through the team communication tool, which is easy to use and provides you with an immersive interface.

Within the Team Communication feature, there are a variety of sub-features that gives Taskworld a leg up on many of its competitors. The most basic is the direct messaging tool, where you can send private messages and share files with individuals on your team or in another department.

You can also create public and private channels, allowing multiple users to join and choosing who can have access. This can be useful for management teams who need to discuss sensitive information but don’t want to relay these to everyone in the company.

You can use Task comments to attach files, provide status updates, and share your feedback on any tasks that have been assigned to you or other team members. This helps teams collaborate on important tasks and gives you the ability to stay on the same page with teammates, even if you are working from a completely different country.

Taskworld has a wide range of integrations available, including Google Drive, Outlook, and Dropbox, so you can work on all of your projects in one place. It also allows you to easily manage users and guest accounts, so certain vendors who may need to be part of a product can be added as temporary members, allowing for even further collaboration between firms.

All of these communication features come in addition to the world of project management, task management, and security features that have helped Taskworld stand out in a realm with so many competitors. Starting at only $10 per month per user, Taskworld is the perfect tool for boosting productivity at any company.

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