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Awesome UI and function updates [Feb 2019]

by: John Coburn
Awesome UI and function updates [Feb 2019]

At Taskworld, we’re always striving to improve our product and introduce new solutions to help your team be more productive. That’s why we’re listening to your feedback, making UI & UX improvements regularly, and catching bugs when they pop up. 🙂

So what did we improve?

  1. We changed the order in which dates are set in Task Properties. Before, users had to select a start date before they could pick a due date. Now, they can just select a due date (and add a start date afterward) — It’s still easy to do; just select “Start Date” in the task calendar, and you’re good to go.
    This should streamline task creation, saving you and your team crucial time 🙂
  2. We changed the task property name from “Set date” to “Due date” to make its function is clearer too!
  3. We recently also released the “Export timeline to PDF/PNG” feature — well, we’ve upgraded it. Now you can also export to Microsoft Excel .xlsx format with project and task details neatly displayed in your favourite spreadsheet editor. 
  4. We fixed several minor bugs since the start of the new year, listening to users like yourself when you spot something like needs. We’re always happy to listen and tackle the things you find most important. 

We’ll continue to deliver exceptional service (like our 99.98% uptime this past month – OR 7 minutes downtime only!), and let you know when we develop and release incredible new features, fixes, etc. We have an exciting release schedule, and a VERY active development team – more to come very soon!

If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know through our support channels.

For a complete list of major (and exciting!) releases, check out our Product Roadmap.

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