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Taskworld Update: Our New UI Becoming Standard for All Users!

We love our project management software.

But we always want to make it better. Most of our meetings begin with asking, “what’s next?” What feature do our clients need to be more productive at work? What refinement can help them most maximize their time? Are our users frequently requesting something new?

At Taskworld, we have multiple teams constantly working on developing new features and refining the experience for our users. Often, we make these changes with direct feedback from our users to ensure that what we’re working on is what they need and want.

And today, we’re thrilled to announce the culmination of one of those projects. Our new Taskworld UI design is becoming the new norm!

This user interface change will roll out to all users throughout the month of March. This is a decision we didn’t make lightly. We made the call to change the UI based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have been receiving from our users.

For those who are curious, we’d like to go into more detail about how we view user experience/user interfaces and what this change will mean for our users.

TL; DR: Taskworld has a new user interface design, and throughout the month of March, this new design will be rolled out as the default for all users.

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User experience is everything

User experience is tricky. When it’s done right, you barely notice it. The application or website you’re using fades into the background, and you naturally understand how to navigate things.

But when it’s done poorly, you feel it, and it really stands out. You can’t find buttons, need lengthy tutorials to figure out basic operations, and don’t enjoy using the product.

Think of visiting a new mall or airport for the first time. If they have an excellent wayfinding design system in place, you know right where to go without needing to ask anyone for directions. But when signs aren’t up, or they chose a different style than you’re accustomed to, you wander around aimlessly in circles. Balancing a fresh look with an intuitive experience Because a software’s user interface shapes your user experience, it must look good and feel instantly familiar. Balancing cutting-edge design and technology while still maintaining a natural and intuitive experience is a difficult juggling act to get right. So, while companies would love to use the most modern design language possible, they must keep the user’s experience in mind with every change they make.

Since we understand that delicate balance, we didn’t approach this UI update lightly. We tasked an internal team to study, test, and update our UI. Their goal was to not only make things look better but also improve our user’s productivity. They worked for months to develop a new UI we’re incredibly proud of.

What this update means for our legacy users

If you’ve signed up for Taskworld recently, good news - you’re already using the new UI! Nothing will change for you.

But if you’re a long-term Taskworld user (thank you again), you’ve had the option to toggle between our older UI and the new UI. This month that option goes away. You will now only have the option to use the new UI.

For most of you, this won’t be that major a change. Many of you have contacted us to share your enthusiasm for the new look and feel. You’re already diligently at work, enjoying the new UI.

If you missed the previous announcements or had opted for the older design for some reason, unfortunately, the option to work with the older UI will be going away. We encourage all users who have not yet toggled on the new UI to do so to experience the latest features and updates, all of which will be released under our fresh and streamlined Taskworld design.


Our Customer Care Teams are on Standby

We know change can be difficult for some. Particularly when it comes to project management software you use daily to drive your business. You grow accustomed to where buttons are located, operating quickly and efficiently. But then suddenly, the look is different, throwing off your usual speed.

(This basically describes me every time Facebook updates its layouts :) )

So don’t worry. Our customer care team is ready to help you if you require help navigating the new UI or have any questions. Please feel free to contact our customer care team anytime with questions or comments about our new UI or anything else Taskworld and productivity-related.

We’re Just Getting Started

This is just the first of many major announcements coming from Taskworld in 2023. We have some significant developments, updates, and features in the works that we can’t wait to share with you.

Taskworld users will receive updates in their email and through the software as usual. But if you’re new to Taskworld, we recommend you check back here often for the latest developments.