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US Patent Office Approves Taskworld “Digital Pinboard” Patent

by: John Coburn

(NEW JERSEY) – It’s well known that filed patents can take years to gain approval. Taskworld, an intuitive project management platform, was no exception to this rule. Filed in 2012, Taskworld’s (Fred Mouawad) patent aimed to protect its proprietary task management systems, which streamline work and help evaluate performance. Fast forward to Oct. 12, 2021, and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued U.S. patent No 11,144,854 for its Digital Pinboard System.

USPTO Approves Taskworld Digital Pingboard Patent


The patent details project workflows and the evaluation of completeness at each step. Additionally, it covers the monitoring of task and project activity for the purpose of identifying key performance indicators. Those indicators, recorded as data in the platform, can include project contributor efficiencies, inefficiencies, timeliness, quality. With that, evaluators can make comparative analyses with colleagues, or simply evaluate the data directly. 

“We’re on a mission to build a better world by improving how people collaborate. We are pleased to have reached the remarkable milestone of having been granted this patent by the US Patent Office”.

Fred Mouawad, Founder & Chairman

Taskworld’s smart task management system enables individuals and teams to better organize themselves. For example, tasks can be assigned to a project owner, who, in turn, allocates responsibility to the proper personnel. The result is clear responsibility, task ownership, and a higher likelihood of project success. Similarly, it gives teams a foundation from which to iterate and improve on their processes, minimizing operational drag and cost over time. Teams can evaluate their satisfactory task completion rate on a weekly basis, identify how to improve and attempt improvement the following week.


About Taskworld

Envisioned by serial entrepreneur Fred Mouawad in 2006, Taskworld was designed as a comprehensive solution to project management for internal business purposes. Over the next 15 years, this Task Management System evolved into the Taskworld known and loved today. Based in Singapore with offices in four countries, Taskworld has rapidly become the trusted industry leader in revolutionary project management software. Serving thousands of teams worldwide, Taskworld is an internal solution to a global application. Featuring everything from time tracking to file management, performance reports, and everything in between, Taskworld’s sleek user-friendly interface acts as a reliable project manager to oversee daily tasks and projects.

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