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Success stories

Learn about the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and how it uses Taskworld for its noble mission of achieving zero preventable deaths.

ZERO Preventable Deaths – A Small Team on a Bold but Necessary Mission

by: Shiv Sharma
ZERO Preventable Deaths – A Small Team on a Bold but Necessary Mission

Do you know what’s the leading cause of death in the United States, just after heart diseases and cancer? Globally it kills more people than HIV, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined.

Medical errors.

According to WHO, unsafe medical practices and medication errors harm millions of patients and cost over $42 billion every year. Hospital infections affect 10% of all hospitalized patients. 

Back in 1999, when Joe Kiani found out that 98000 Americans were dying of preventable causes in hospitals, he began to question what was being done in the US to reduce these deaths. The following decade he met various families that had lost loved ones to medical errors and realized that the situation was only getting worse. In 2012, tired of general inaction and apathy he founded the Patient Safety Movement Foundation – an organization with a mission to achieve zero preventable deaths. The foundation connects the world’s leading clinicians, hospital CEOs, patient advocates and government leaders to identify primary patient safety challenges and provide tested solutions called Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS). In less than a decade, it has partnered with 4710 hospitals in over 50 countries, resulting in saving 90146 lives. 

Apart from unifying the healthcare ecosystem and creating APSS, the Foundation also plays an active role in gathering data from the devices of healthcare technology companies. This helps in  identifying at-risk patients. The foundation also organizes frequent seminars and workshops to educate healthcare providers, patients, and families in patient safety. 


Although the Foundation’s network is large and continuously growing, its core functions are managed by a small yet mighty team. The team uses Taskworld to organize important projects. We sat down for a quick chat with Ariana Longley, COO of Patient Safety Movement Foundation to learn more. Ariana has been with the Foundation for over 5 years. She joined after being shocked to learn about the medical error statistics and wanted to be part of the solution. 


Ariana Longley, COO of Patient Safety Movement Foundation

  • What project management/collaboration challenges were you facing before you started using Taskworld?

We are a very small team. We noticed that using simple tools like Todoist wasn’t cutting it. About three years ago we moved over to Taskworld so our team, as we grow are all in sync. 

Whether it’s a full-time staff member or a passionate volunteer we have found Taskworld to be helpful in connecting the dots. When we speak to partners they think our staff is 20+ people when in reality we’re 5. I give credit to Taskworld for this, as we never drop the ball. 

  • Has Taskworld been successful in solving any of the challenges you faced previously?

Yes, even with a small team sometimes one can forget small tasks that are important to get work done.

For instance, our marketing is shared among several team members. Forgetting to give someone a link to a blog article for social sharing can really mess up our process. Taskworld makes it easy for us to create templates so that we never forget to include all our teammates.

We avoid hundreds of emails and multiple confusing chains per month by using Taskworld. Instead of having to dig through our inboxes we can quickly scan through the task comments and find everything in one place.

  • What’s your favorite Taskworld feature?

Pinning tasks on the notifications tab is quite helpful. This becomes my priority list for items that need attention at the end of the day. My inbox is empty and, in Taskworld, I’m “zero pins” as well.

Every feature our team was looking for was there with Taskworld. We tried Monday and Asana and it just didn’t work for our team. I recommend it to especially small teams and Non Profit organizations to keep everyone on the same page.

You can pin notifications on Taskworld to prioritize better

  • Where would you like to see improvement in Taskworld?

I’ve sent emails with feature recommendations and have already seen at least one of my recommendations be pushed live. I love that I can message the Taskworld team and I know they’re listening. One feature I’d love is a global search tool so I could search in comments of tasks.

Thank you once again, Ariana, for sharing your story and trusting Taskworld to accomplish great results. Your foundation is truly on a remarkable journey to save lives. 

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