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20 Nov 2018

Welcome Guests Into Your Workspace

Collaborate seamlessly with clients, suppliers and other third parties on Taskworld We are thrilled to launch one of our most requested features — Workspace Guests. We know you’re collaborating everyday with not just your team but also third parties such as suppliers, clients, contractors etc. So...

15 Mar 2018

Never miss a deadline with task reminders

Taskworld’s latest feature automatically reminds you and your teammates about upcoming tasks. Overdue tasks result from mainly three factors. Scope of work expands, Unforeseen problem arises and Deadline simply gets forgotten. While it’s impossible to avoid the first two, Taskworld’s new feature will ensure that you never forget your deadlines.

13 Mar 2018

Say Hello to Performance Reviews on Taskworld!

We are excited to introduce a brand new tool to Taskworld — Performance reviews. You can now send/receive feedback on tasks and give value badges to teammates. Taskworld collects this priceless info and displays it on a new profile page.

2 Jan 2018

Build on Top of Taskworld With Public API

We are absolutely stoked to announce the release of Taskworld API — a simple interface that allows you to query and change information in your workspace. There are 3 new APIs available, depending on which region your account is situated in. For example if you signed up for Taskworld using our servers in Asia, then the API URL would be different than if you signed up for our American or European servers.

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