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“Taskworld definitely improved the efficiency with which tasks are completed in the team.”
Fabien Chesnais, General Manager

“Taskworld helps mid-size firms to attain their goals on paper and on time.”
Krishna Kant, Business Development Officer

“Taskworld is the simplest method for managing the complexity of projects.”
Daphne Lopez, Director of Studies

“I use Taskworld all day, everyday.”
Denise Deverelle Crown, Director of Product Marketing

“We’re able to collaborate on and contribute to projects on our own schedules.”
Ralf Kircher, Group Executive Editor

“Taskworld has a clean, intuitive interface that makes tracking tasks easy.”
Bill Brantley, Program Analyst

Featured Stories

9 New Tools to Boost Your Productivity
TheNextWeb | Jan 18, 2016
“Tools for task organization are not a big surprise, but Taskworld certainly is!”
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The 6 Best To-Do Apps For Busy Entrepreneurs and Freelancers
Capterra | Feb 13, 2017
“If Steve Jobs were to make a minimalist, effective to-do app, this would be it.”
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Billionaire Jewelry King Launches Taskworld
TechCrunch | Feb 1, 2014
“As the feedback is continuous, people are compelled to engage with the service.”
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Latest Coverage

“기업용 프로젝트 관리 서비스 태스크월드는 올 상반기 한국에 운영 서버를 추가 확장하며 한국 시장 진출을 본격화한다고 26일 밝혔다.”
ZDNet Korea | April, 26 2017
“Nous entendons ainsi aider les équipes à organiser leur travail en le planifiant de façon réaliste, encadrer le déroulement des projets, maîtriser et mesurer le travail accompli afin de prendre les bonnes décisions.”
24 PRESSE | April, 25 2017
“Die Punkte sind im Board auf der Task sichtbar. Wenn eine Aufgabe von der Liste erledigt ist, markieren Sie diese als erledigt. Taskworld zeigt sofort den Fortschritt an.”
1-2-3 effizient dabei | April, 25 2017
“For management, we take necessary steps to ensure that the projects are finished on time. Taskworld lets you organize, update, share and finish the project faster.”
The Tech Hacker | April, 20 2017
“Taskworld is often referred to as an all in one solution because it provides a complete collaboration suite without asking you to rely on integrations”
Siftery | April, 17 2017
“Globalement Taskworld reprend tous les éléments importants de Trello, mais ajoute des fonctionnalités importantes : tableaux illimités, messagerie, groupes de projets, drag&drop des tâches, stockage illimité…”
Blog du Modérateur | April, 3 2017
“Um novo aplicativo para projetos e tarefas tem sido citado em algumas redes sociais e eu resolvi criar uma conta para fazer um teste e mostrar aqui para vocês. O nome dele é Taskworld e você pode testar a versão grátis durante 15 dias. Tem em português!”
Vida Organizada | March, 31 2017
“Les éléments qui se révèlent être de véritables points forts sur Taskworld, sont sa messagerie intégrée et ses multiples paramètres assignables aux tâches.”
Le Journal du CM | March, 31 2017
“Taskworld is a blend between Trello, Asana, and Slack. Combining features like real-time communication, Kanban boards, and project templates, TaskWorld is designed to help teams get things done.”
Francesco D’Alessio | March, 29 2017
“Taskworld löst alle diese Probleme rund um die Datenschutz- und Unternehmensvorgaben. Das Risiko eines Datenverlustes ist ausgeschlossen, da alle Daten und Tasks an einem sicheren Ort gespeichert werden, anstatt auf verschiedene Cloud-Speicherdienste verteilt zu sein.”
Trend Lux | March, 29 2017
“Taskworld est l’un des outils collaboratifs qui émergent, tant sur les fonctionnalités complètes qu’à travers la culture d’entreprise. Ce logiciel de gestion des tâches offre en effet une vision qui place le travail collaboratif au premier plan”
Appvizer | March, 22 2017
“Taskworld is a complete solution for managing and distributing tasks. Visual task boards provide everyone with an easy grasp on what they need to do, how to do it, and when to complete it.”
Guiding Tech | March, 10 2017
“With multiple teams and multiple projects running concurrently, Taskworld’s real-time dashboard keeps managers on top of their team’s work without excessive emails and status update meetings.“
Lightning Project Management | March, 3 2017
“Taskworld is one such project management platform that lets you derive more productivity out of your team. Taskworld combines the goodness of Kanban and traditional task management practices for getting the best results.” | March, 1 2017
“Pour marquer sa différence avec Trello, l’un des logiciels de gestion de projet les plus connus, Taskworld offre de nombreuses fonctionnalités intégrées nativement, qui usent de leurs charmes. ”
Appvizer | February, 15 2017
“Menschen sind Gewohnheitstiere. Umstellungen oder das Aufgeben liebgewonnener Gewohnheiten sind schwierig - das tägliche Erledigen der Arbeit ist da keine Ausnahme. Wieso soll man funktionierende Dinge ändern?”
Internet World Business | February, 3 2017
“Avec Taskworld, travaillez sur vos projets collaboratifs de n’importe où dans le monde et optimiser votre productivité grâce à des fonctionnalités avancées.”
Le Journal du Community Manager | January 31, 2016
“As someone who has used both Trello and Taskworld, I can definitely agree that there are way more features here. A few other similar tools are Asana, MeisterTask, and Teamwork. I’ve tried them all but am most impressed with Taskworld. “
MakeTechEasier | January 30, 2016
“Organizing, organizing, organizing…yup, if you master it, you will shine! …And if you don’t organize your tasks properly, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get lost in them, forget important things and work overtime.”
TheNextWeb | January 18, 2016
“Congratulations! Taskworld looks amazing and seems to be a very complete tool.“
PME-WEB​ | January 16, 2017
“Un des points forts de Taskworld est de pouvoir choisir l’organisation des contenus et votre modèle de productivité.”
LeBlogduModérateur | January 13, 2017
“Taskworld est une nouvelle et prometteuse application qui permet de gérer de manière efficace tous les projets de l’entreprise en équipe..”
OutilsCollaboratifs | January 1, 2017
“Taskworld, a task and project management platform, and HOK, an architecture and interior design firm, suggest specific traits that are commonly associated with colors.”
Top Gear Technologies | October 18, 2016
“Implementing a BYOD policy doesn't have to be a headache no matter the industry, and most businesses can find a balance between keeping employees happy and alleviating any fears from IT.”
CIO | September 27, 2016
“Taskworld, the first project management platform to provide performance analytics and real-time employee feedback.”
Levo League Blog | September 19, 2016
“Taskworld, the first project management platform to provide performance analytics and real-time employee feedback.”
Business News Daily | September 9, 2016
"Let the world know about what value you can bring to their business"
Business News Daily | September 8, 2016
“In the firm’s unique data on more than 300 companies and nearly 600 founders, companies with a female founder performed 63 percent better than investments with all-male founding teams.”
Forbes | August 27, 2016
“BYOD might also result in some employees not keeping their devices up to date or not using proper security measures”
Recruiter | August 22, 2016
“Leadership is a lifelong journey and those who excel find the positives in the midst of perceived adversity.”
Success | August 8, 2016
“Many companies are now ditching traditional email and opting for project management platforms such as Taskworld.”
The Business Journals | July 22, 2016
“Ask any project manager, and you’ll hear that one of the top problems that they face is a high tolerance for failure.”
StrategyDriven | July 20, 2016
“A layoff is not the end of your career. With the right strategy and attitude, you will be able to move on and find a new position.”
Business News Daily | May 18, 2016
“Ultimately, the key to having productive meetings lies in standardizing the way companies hold their meetings.” | May 11, 2016
“One third of more than 11 million meetings held in America each day are considered unproductive – a statistic that costs an estimated $37 billion a year.”
Capterra | Apr 25, 2016
“To say Fred Mouawad is a serial entrepreneur is an understatement. Gems and jewelry. Pizza and coffee. Publishing. And, an online task management platform.”
Business Insider | Mar 29, 2016
“One third of the more than 11 million meetings held in America each day are considered unproductive.” | Mar 28, 2016
“Criticism can be difficult to take, even for the most confident worker. However, feedback is absolutely essential if you want to get better at your job and be considered for potential advancement.”
Career Builder | Feb 23, 2016
“If you’re struggling to choose between kanban and task lists, choose Taskworld; this free to-do list software offers both! Built with the team in…”
Capterra | Feb 1, 2016
“Project management in general has a high tolerance for failure. Extending due dates, forgetting tasks and cost overruns are so common that they are considered a part of the process…”
Hotjar | Jan 21, 2016
“Taskworld, the first project management platform to provide performance analytics and real-time employee feedback, announces today the launch of its new, all-in-one task management platform for businesses...”
Market Wired | Jan 25, 2016

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Since our staff is based in time zones as much as 12 hours apart, we’re able to collaborate on and contribute to projects on our own schedules.”

Ralf Kircher (Group Executive Editor, SmartWork Media)

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