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Rethink Collaboration and Work Organization with Collaboration Tools

In recent years, team collaboration has been revolutionized by the use of collaboration software and virtual workspaces. While many digitization projects make progress only in small steps, the digitization of collaborative processes can be achieved within a few days by using virtual work environments and collaboration tools...

OKR - how agile management methods change our working worlds

How do you get your own employees to anchor entrepreneurial goals in the day-to-day and project business? How can employees contribute achieve their goals? And how can you measure results and effectively manage your resources? Today, many companies, executives and project managers are tackling these questions in order to pursue opportunities and minimize risks through change processes.

Collaboration and project management platform for colleges and universities

Research projects, development projects, organizational projects and teaching projects are not only essential elements in the daily work at universities and colleges, but in the entire education area. The classical line tasks, which have to be reconciled with tasks of running projects...