Success stories

Teams around the world are accomplishing more with Taskworld

Metal Working | Gerhard Lang Recycling
Plisam Ekpai-Laodema, IT System Administrator

Metal processor Lang Recycling improves transparency and quality in the project business

What is junk for the one is a valuable resource for the other with the right skills. Gerhard Lang Schrott- und Metallrecycling GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Gaggenau, Germany, has set itself the task of recovering valuable materials...

X-ray System Manufacturer | Finnos Oy
Jere Heikkinen, CEO

Rocket science – log X-ray specialist Finnos strives for collaboration excellence

Forward-thinking technologies, sophisticated digitalization and effective collaboration processes are critical success factors to Finnos Oy, a leading log X-ray system manufacturer specialist for the sawmill and wood related industries.

Media Agencies | CROSSMEDIA GmbH, Dusseldorf
Lisa Wenzel, Senior Operations Manager

CROSSMEDIA takes project work and team collaboration with Taskworld to a new level

The CROSSMEDIA GmbH, headquartered in Dusseldorf and further locations in Berlin, Hamburg and London as well as partner offices in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, is a full-service media agency and one of the leading specialists for cross-media strategy and communication consulting.

Education | RWTH Aachen University, Robotics
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bartnitzki, Academic Board Member and Deputy Director of the AMT.

Institute at the RWTH Aachen uses tool support from Taskworld for project work

In order to support the numerous research projects of the university institute a cloud-based project management tool was used so far, which, however, was only partially suitable for the complex communication and multiproject management requirements of the institute.

Media Agencies | PORT Inc.
Saya Ikeuchi & Tomokazu Ohmura, Revitalization Support Office

Our Job Is to Be a Bridge between Companies and Local Governments. We Want Local Governments to Use Taskworld!

PORT Inc. operates four different businesses: the Vertical Media Business, Recruitment Consulting Business, PORT Medical Business, and Regional Revitalization Business...

Startup | Halfz
Jang Jae-yong, CEO

Women’s Fashion App HALFZ Cuts Project Time by 70% with Taskworld

In our fast-paced world, nothing is perhaps more dynamic than the fashion industry, where what is in vogue today can go out of style tomorrow. In order to keep up with the trends, one has to keep an eye on what is being produced, distributed and consumed at all times. The focus of our success story today is startup HALFZ...

Marketing Agentur | Ydigital
Peter Haarmark, CEO

Ydigital — SE Asia’s Digital Growth Powerhouse Powers up with Taskworld

There are thousands of digital agencies and maybe thousands more management consulting agencies, but for companies looking to go digital and find long-term success in a global world, there are few, if any, specialists who can combine the know how of project management and the hustle of digital marketing...

Event management | Chris & Partners
Bina Cho, Creative Manager

Chris & Partners Create “Smart Work” Corporate Culture With Taskworld

Through Taskworld, Chris & Partners is creating a ‘smart work’ culture, realizing its mission to share knowledge and ideas at the forefront of the knowledge industry.

Hospitality | AccorHotels
Aline Massart, Regional director of marketing

How AccorHotels opens new hotels with Taskworld.

Hotel opening is an epic project. You need collaboration across so many departments with strict deadlines to adhere to. You also need established communication channels to align everyone. Like most hospitality groups, Accor was also using the favorite project management tools of the 90s — EXCEL and EMAIL…

Creative | Studio Izune
Izu, Director and Animator

Studio Izune brings imagination to life with Taskworld.

The story, the art, the music… when working with abstract, creative ideas, it can be a labor of love to get them out of the clouds and on to the surface. As any creative will tell you, collaborating with multiple artists can be a special kind of challenge. Fitting all the pieces together, adhering to deadlines...

Food and beverage | BistroBox
Klaus Haberl, co-founder and CEO

BistroBox, Austria’s first 24h Pizzeria uses Taskworld to collaborate effectively

11 locations, 25,000 satisfied customers and 500,000 pizzas. A success story made in Austria.

It all began with a joke in marketing lecture, with the idea of ​​a bread and pastry baking machine. This ended a bit later in numerous individual projects, diplomas and finally a...

Charity | 28TooMany
Sean Callaghan, Operations Director

Ending a barbaric practice: The tool one charity is using to manage its mission

200 million women - that is the staggering number of women who have undergone female genital mutilation, known as FGM. The horrifying cultural practice is being carried out in at least 28 countries in Africa and across the world today. One charity is using technology to combat the human...

Apparel | Raygun
Jennifer Leatherby, Designer

Tracking hundreds of product releases is no easy task — how one apparel & design company is winning in a big way

Kitschy is as kitschy does. Whether its an ironic t-shirt, child’s bib or even a temporary tattoo, people love a good, dry as a desert joke to brighten up their everyday or give as gifts…

Advertising platform | Adcash
Liis Ristal, Head of Marketing

How an Estonian startup manages 100k clients with Taskworld

“Our story started like any other tech start-up — with nothing. Now, after nine years we have grown to a global advertising network with over 100,000 clients being served on daily basis.”

And the company’s success is turning entrepreneurial heads. Adcash has been…

Startup | Realbiz
Lee Changmin, Senior Project Manager

Korean startup RealBiz discovers the joy of teamwork with Taskworld

RealBiz is a startup that developed DoctorGo: a specialized accounting program for small-scale hospitals.

What’s fascinating is that its development, sales and customer support is...

Travel & tourism | Disney
Andrew Wertheim, Senior Analyst

Andrew Wertheim nails every deadline with Taskworld.

Fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year (Standish Group). Because of this, organizations lose $109 million for every $1 billion invested in projects and programs (Project Management Institute). No one understands this better than Andrew Wertheim…

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