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Planning your project workflow

Don’t get lost looking through your ever-growing task lists. Taskworld’s project management tools make it super easy for you to find the perfect project plan. Organize your project boards with department, days of the week, or kanban layouts.
Pro tip: with our online project management tools, you can customize your boards to fit your unique project style.


Task properties

In “task properties” you can assign as much detail as needed to any task. Our project management tools enable task tagging, descriptions, assigning teammates, subtasks (where you can also assign teammates), and more. Now you can;

  • Define your goals & assign your team.
  • Deliver ahead of schedule.
  • Celebrate your massive wins.

Visualizing project timelines

As a part of Taskworld’s suite of online project management tools, the timeline feature makes it easy to see when projects and tasks will be completed — this makes it simple to manage expectations and deliver amazing results.


Task communication made easy

Task communication is often unorganized, and can lead to confusion. With the best project management tools you’re able to comment on specific tasks. This means that you avoid a lot of brutal stress by making task communication extremely clear.


Save time with in-app messaging

Taskworld’s online project management tools include a built-in chat — a fun way to seamlessly reduce your team’s email use! Now, your team’s precious time isn’t being wasted away looking for an impossible to find attachment.

Why teams love Taskworld

Taskworld proved itself to be a game-changer! We had to project manage the pandemic crisis at a global and regional level in record time, setting up collaboration between hundreds of colleagues and departments all across the globe.

Vincent Ozanne

Director Hotel Openings India, Middle East & Africa, Accor
I must say that only in two minutes I realised, that Taskworld is the best project management and task management platform out there compared to Trello, Wrike or Omnifocus. Taskworld is just awesome and very well designed.

Pablo Chamorro

Director of Ecomundis
It’s really high end and feels very organized. It’s like combining Slack (chat), Asana (team management), Trello (boards) and Gantt (Instagantt) into one app. Tried it and within a week had absolutely no hesitation cancelling other tools as all I needed was on Taskworld.

Igor Bonatto

Do you need something more than Trello but not as robust/configurable as Jira?
Choose Taskworld - really reasonably priced compared to some of the other enterprise options and perfect for small businesses or freelancers.

Clint Bush

Frontend Developer of Homesite Insurance

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