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Taskworld is easy and scalable. Get your team hooked with visual boards,
blazing fast chat and interactive analytics in one robust app.

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Taskworld vs. Trello

Unlimited kanban boards and lists
Timeline view
Requires power-up
Task in multiple projects
Enterprise messaging
Requires power-up
Project folders
Drag & drop support
Unlimited storage
Secure data encryption
Recurring tasks
Requires power-up
List view
Requires power-up
Requires power-up
Interactive dashboard (overview)
Requires power-up
Project health status
Requires power-up
Project burn-down chart
Requires power-up
Visibility across multiple projects
Requires power-up
High-res image previews
Unlimited checklists
Time tracking
Requires power-up

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User reviews on Capterra

“Taskworld is so simple and gorgeous that digital natives and digital ignorants alike will be able to comfortably use it within an hour. If Steve Jobs were to make a minimalist, effective to-do app, this would be it.

Rachel Burger, Senior Content Manager at Capterra
Igor Bonatto
“It’s really high end and feels very organized. It’s like combining Slack (chat), Asana (team management), Trello (boards) and Gantt (Instagantt) into one app. Tried it and within a week had absolutely no hesitation cancelling other tools as all I needed was on Taskworld.”
Amy Moore-Shipley
Coordinator, Denver Food Rescue
“Taskworld saved my career. When I got my first I’m my own manager job, I had a hard time organizing different job responsibilities. Taskworld made it possible to keep up with the demands with structured deadlines. My pro-ductivity is up and stress down.”
Ben Whitty
Creative Lead, Nine Corporation
“Very easy to understand and work with. It’s continuously evolving with new features. Excited what the future holds for Taskworld. It has been a great tool for scheduling design tasks in our team.”
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Accor opens new hotels worldwide with Taskworld

“Taskworld makes work seamless by allowing everyone to see what needs to be done, how, by who and by when. I would definitely recommend Taskworld to other managers. It made our work life much more easier. We have gained efficiency by saving hours of work every day.”

Aline Massart
Regional Director of Digital Marketing, South East Asia
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Taskworld empowers your enterprise to organize all your projects,
share ideas and accomplish great results.
“Trello’s ease of use mixed with most of the best functionality of Asana.”
Chris Parker, Principal at Giv Group