Why choose Taskworld over Trello?

Taskworld is easy and scalable. Get your team hooked with visual boards,
blazing fast chat and interactive analytics in one robust app.

Taskworld’s UI that links to a video on Youtube.

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Taskworld vs. Trello

Unlimited kanban boards and lists
Timeline viewRequires power-up
Task in multiple projects
Enterprise messagingRequires power-up
Drag & drop support
Unlimited storage
Secure data encryption
List viewRequires power-up
RemindersRequires power-up
Interactive dashboard (overview)Requires power-up
Project health statusRequires power-up
Project burn-down chartRequires power-up
Visibility across multiple projectsRequires power-up
High-res image previews
Unlimited checklists
Time trackingRequires power-up

Experts’ choice

Taskworld has received unanimous praise from software critics and review platforms worldwide.

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