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Big organizations require multi-level management

Different departments process their work differently. Dealing with tasks that involve multiple departments, you need a Project Management software that allows you to share Tasks across an entire organization. Taskworld’s powerful location feature enables you to process Tasks inside multiple, different Project Boards.

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time management

Never miss a deadline ever again

Set due dates for each task to stay on track with your team. Juggling different projects can make you and your team forget important timelines - Just add reminders before it’s too late.

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Collaborate with everyone across teams & departments

Assign admins, followers & guests across different tasks.
Add multiple locations to streamline collaboration across different teams & departments to ensure everyone is aligned.

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Manage access individually



Public boards allow everyone in your company to access your project. People can freely assign responsibilities, follow tasks or add new tasks to a public project.

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Project analytics & workload reporting

Understand your team's performance & velocity. Get project-based insights with Taskworld analytics to anticipate potential challenges and ensure your team is on track!

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Best option for:

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    Big Business

    We understand that large organizations need to manage complex projects effectively to scale. Our Business Plan offers a suite of features that lets you do just that!

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    Multiple Departments

    Taskworld’s unique Multi-Location feature enables you to place tasks within different departments and have multiple stakeholders contribute at the same time on different boards.

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    Remote or Hybrid Teams

    Taskworld get’s you and your team remote-work-ready. Just set up your workspace, invite your mates and get going!

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    Project analytics, workload reports & multiple views are designed to fulfill management needs & provide supreme visibility into your organization's workforce.


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