Taskworld – The easiest Project Management Platform in the World

Who said Project Management had to be complicated?

Taskworld was built with ease-of-use in mind, from the very beginning. It was always possible, so we did it. We proved that you don’t have to have advanced technical skills to use our platform.

Because everything is so simple, it means we can pack in more features into Taskworld. Easy means more in this case. You can try it out now, with our free plan. We recommend you find out for yourself.

Here are a few of the main reasons why Taskworld is, indeed, the easiest project management platform, in the world, right now.


Easy Collaboration

If a platform makes it harder to work together, then it’s working against itself. We know this, you know this. That’s why we made Taskworld easy to collaborate with your team, even your entire company.

Here’s a short list of how you can work more easily with your team, in Taskworld:

  • Assign different people to a task, depending on their level of responsibility. Everyone knows who’s working on it, everyone knows who’s in charge.

  • Communicate everywhere, on the task itself, or share files.

  • You can access Taskworld from anywhere. All you need is an account, an internet-ready device, and an internet connection.

When everything is labelled, and everyone has the right role, it’s a lot easier for you to streamline your workflow and processes.

That’s not to mention the time tracking feature, but we’ll get to that.


A Ton Of Features

Just because we made things easy, doesn’t mean you’re not getting the full range of what every other project management software provides.

Here’s what you get with Taskworld:

  • Visual Boards to manage your projects.

  • Time Tracking to streamline your workflow.

  • File Management, so you know every file is where it should be.

  • Team Messaging, allows you to know who’s online, who’s seen your comments, and many other things.

  • Performance Reports for yourself, and your team.

  • Table View for those who are familiar with reading spreadsheets.

  • Project Timeline, to see progress, due dates, and potential issues in the pipeline.

It’s a fully-fledged Project Management suite. Just easier to use than everything else out there. Less time for your employees to learn, easier for everyone to jump in and get to work on what matters. Not learning how to use a new application for weeks on end