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7 Reasons Why Taskworld is the Best Trello Alternative

by: John Coburn

So, you tried Trello. It was neat and you loved organizing your team’s work on kanban boards. However, it felt incomplete. You still rely on a bunch of other tools to collaborate with your team. 

You’re not alone.

Thousands of companies look for Trello alternatives every single day. 

Some fiddle around with complex project management software while others settle with simple to-do list tools.

Thousands of them have switched to Taskworld and many continue to do so every day, including some of the world’s best companies.


While Trello is a great app, it’s often limiting for teams that are growing fast and require deeper collaboration. Taskworld is an all-in-one collaboration tool that combines kanban boards, team messaging, reports and performance management in one easy app. Here are 7 reasons why Taskworld is the best Trello alternative you can find.

1. Taskworld offers more features

It’s all good till you are a team of five who just want visual boards to track work and get notified on time. However as any growing team would understand, task management requires much more depth.

Trello doesn’t allow you to assign checklist items, set recurring tasks or sync tasks in multiple projects (without a power-up). 

Taskworld not only offers you simple task management features that you expect (assignees, tags, labels, due dates, comments) but also advanced project management features such as:

  • Project timeline
  • Overview dashboard
  • Burndown/up charts
  • Advanced filters
  • File management
  • Performance management
Kanban boards in Taskworld

Occasionally you might want to share your kanban boards with freelancers and other third-party contractors. While Trello lets you share its boards for free with guests, it considers guests as billable users if you share multiple boards with them. Taskworld lets you add an unlimited number of guests and give them access to multiple boards in your workspace. 

2. Trello’s power-ups can be confusing

Trello offers a basic solution and gives you the option to purchase power-ups to enhance it.

This requires you to know what each power-up does. It also requires you to figure out what combination of power-ups is right for your team. This works for seasoned project managers who are familiar with SaaS products but might intimidate the rest.

Power-ups can confuse people.

Taskworld does the “figuring out” for you.

Years of fine-tuning has allowed us to understand what features an average team needs/doesn’t need.


Taskworld gives you visual boards, team messaging, time tracking, calendars, project timeline, dashboards in one single app; without relying on external integrations.

3. Taskworld has built-in team messaging

Communication is an indispensable part of work management. Team messaging needs to fit seamlessly into task management. That’s why instead of relying on half-baked integration, Taskworld offers a complete team messaging experience. 

Trello doesn’t offer team messaging on its platform. Instead, it relies on integrations with other messaging tools like Slack. On Taskworld, your team can communicate in the same place where they manage their projects, making it easier to consolidate all their work in one place. 

Taskworld chat is fun and seamlessly built-in.

You can share direct messages and create private/public chat channels. It’s ideal for sharing ideas, broadcasting company updates, or simply sending cat gifs to your colleagues. 

You can pin the colleagues whom you talk with frequently on the left navigation bar so that you can chat with them from anywhere on Taskworld. You can also share tasks via chat with your teammates. 

You can pin teammates and chat channels on the left nav for quick access.

When talking to a colleague in a public channel, you can use @colleaguename to send them a direct notification. In addition to a popup notification on the app, if someone mentions you in a channel or sends a direct message, you’ll also receive a notification via email. Taskworld chat works seamlessly with email. All email replies automatically appear as messages on Taskworld. 

4. Taskworld’s overview dashboard does half of the work for you 

Trello lacks a dashboard that pulls data across all projects and tells you what to focus on. A lot of time is lost by manually going inside each project and trying to understand priorities.

Trello lacks an interactive dashboard that tells you what to focus on.

Taskworld’s interactive dashboard tells you the priorities of the day and gives you more time for meaningful work. You can even analyze the workload of each member of your team. You can apply a combination of filters to get the insights you want. It’s like a bird’s eye view of the progress of your entire team. 

Taskworld’s overview dashboard

5. Meticulous file management

Trello allows you to attach files to tasks and search for them. However, if you forget the name of the attachment or the board where it was attached, it can be a problem finding it. There is no centralized file management directory.

Taskworld groups all the files related to a project in one secure space. It’s like a magic bookshelf that arranges all the books in their right place.

No more searching countless emails to find the right attachment.

6. Taskworld is ridiculously easy to use

There is a common notion that you always have to pick between powerful features and clean UI. That’s why a lot of feature-packed project management software look like they require a certification course prior to using them.

Rachel Burger, senior editor from world’s premier software review site Capterra said about Taskworld —

“Taskworld is so simple to use that digital natives and digital ignorants alike will be able to set up the program and comfortably use it within an hour. And that’s all without mentioning one of its hidden features: gorgeous design. If Steve Jobs were to make a minimalist, effective to-do app, this would be it.”

Taskworld’s design has received widespread acclaim from tech pundits.

7. Taskworld is available on VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

Trello is only available on the public cloud. However, there are many regulated industries where companies can’t store their data on a public cloud, even if it offers additional security options. That’s why Taskworld allows organizations to host their workspace on a virtual private cloud (VPC).

This gives you a choice of 18 data centers across the globe. In addition to that you also get:

  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited storage
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Super admin and read-only roles
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Enterprise-grade security options

Feature by Feature comparison (without integrations)

Features Taskworld Trello
Unlimited boards and lists ✔️ ✔️
Unlimited checklist items ✔️ ✔️
High res image previews ✔️ ✔️
Activity log ✔️ ✔️
Recurring tasks ✔️
Time tracking ✔️
Tasks by email ✔️ ✔️
Tasks in multiple projects ✔️
Project timeline ✔️
Overview dashboard ✔️
Free multi-board guest access ✔️
Team messaging ✔️
Performance reviews ✔️
VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) ✔️
Unlimited storage ✔️ ✔️
Secure data encryption ✔️ ✔️


Taskworld is offering a 14-day free trial to help teams work remotely. Sign up for your free trial today.

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